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Chris Lukhaup, The Shrimp King

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In this episode I talk with Chris Lukhaup, known affectionately as The Shrimp King. Chris' work with venerable brands such as Dennerle helped advance the freshwater shrimp keeping hobby and helped fuel a boom in the nano tank side of aquarium keeping. He is a renown expert on crayfish and has identified and named numerous species. His forthcoming book on crayfish identifies some 800 species inside of nearly 400 pages. And his underwater videography has become a sensation as he has exposed people to many fascinating freshwater habitats few have seen before, serving to inspire aquarist and nature enthusiasts alike.

Here we discuss his origins in the aquarium hobby and industry, his life as a professional touring musician, life, love, consciousness, enlightenment, his underwater videography, some shrimp keeping advice, and more.

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