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221: How your story can be your content marketing strategy | Teisha Rose

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Your story can change the lives of so many…

And in those moments of fear, it is important to remember - it isn’t about you. It is about the people you can help. 

If you want to share more of your story but don’t know how, this podcast episode is for you! 

Join me as I chat with the amazing Teisha Rose about her journey from hurdle to hope and how she made that her brand, her story. 

We will also share how storytelling can be done and how it can be a core part of your content marketing strategy. 

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  • How can storytelling can make for a great content strategy 

  • How to tell your story without fear 

  • Why you should tell your story 


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Other than that, enjoy - chat next week 💕


Teisha Rose, the founder of Hurdle2Hope and the creator of the Hurdle2Hope Roadmap, has faced chronic illness for over 25 years, starting with multiple sclerosis and now battling stage 4 breast cancer. These challenges have reaffirmed one truth: our MINDSET IS EVERYTHING.

Motivated by this discovery, Teisha offers courses, coaching, and workshops for those impacted by health conditions, aiming to guide them towards a happier, healthier, and more abundant life. Teisha also shares insights and resources through her podcast Wellbeing Interrupted.

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