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216: What is mindful marketing? | Katie Delimon

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How mindful are you about what you post online? 

Or even how much TIME you spend on these platforms? 

Being a mindful marketer (for your business) can create more intention, more impact and more connection with your audience. 

If you want to bring more intention (and mindfulness) into your marketing, your social media and your content - join Katie Delimon on The Content Queen Podcast as she shares all her wisdom as a mindset, meditation and yoga teacher. 

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  • What is mindful marketing 

  • How being unmindful can impact our marketing and business

  • How to be more mindful in life and business 

  • How to create creative space (and flow) 

  • Writing a book and sharing your story 

  • 4 questions to ask yourself 


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Katie Delimon is a yoga & meditation teacher, mindset mentor and author. She is wildly passionate about empowering others with a new awareness. She believes our bodies and minds are desperately seeking ways in which to slow down and that understanding ourselves, through a harmonious body-mind connection, is the beginning of true ease, inner peace and wisdom. She has been hosting retreats since 2019 and believes retreating, slowing down, regulating the nervous system, creating safe spaces and connecting with others (without sounding too dramatic) saved her life. She is the author of best-selling memoir, Trust the Flames.

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