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215: What I learnt from my marketing campaign: around the world in 90 days

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Have you been stuck before on a “launch” of your product or service? 

You have followed a recipe or formula of someone online (you either bought it or you learnt about it in a free webinar). You follow it. 

And yes it can work. 

But you are exhausted. 

You feel like a selling machine “buy my product”. Get it now before the doors close. 

Anyway - if you are over the launching formulas. Really, what you can do (and you would already be doing it in some way), is a marketing campaign. 

I have been lucky enough to be given chances to up-skill my knowledge in marketing. I share some of this with you now in episode 215 of The Content Queen Podcast! 

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  • What is a marketing campaign 

  • How to execute a marketing campaign

  • The 3 steps to the marketing campaign 

  • How you can get more support 

  • How our last marketing campaign went 


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