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Episode 159: [DARK] Royalty 1x02 "On the Road Again" Week 3 and 4

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This is my final podcast episode. On top of that, I'm shocked how much of my backlog I had to delete just to upload this. I thought I had another week before it became a free account, but I was wrong. So the podcast is over, it fell apart, after years and years, if not half a decade of my hard work... and no one cared and no one will miss it at all :( I really wish I could have attracted an audience... it's all I've ever wanted from life. Good luck to anyone who sees this. Please seek me out at 99geek.ca I'm desperate for any work as a writer, I'm desperate for anyone to give me a chance... I'm scared I'm going to die alone and unfulfilled... and no one in the world will care. Live Long and Prosper, May the Force Be With You, Long Live Marceline the Vampire Queen, and remember that Kong bows to no one, but Godzilla is the King of All Monsters.

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