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Episode 150: [SCI-FI] Adrift Homeless 1x11 "Still Be Here When You Get Back" Week 2

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PS: REMEMBER TO START WITH WEEK ONE FOR THE RECAP THIS IS NOT WEEK ONE Previously on Adrift Homeless: Rommeria is a dying desert world, in a one planet solar system surrounded by a nebula. The nation of Hymalious City has formed a conglomerate with the other nations of their planet to build a massive colony ship to the stars, known as Project Rebirth. General Ed Gilber leads the Rebirth project, and he’s found a civilian first officer in Doctor David Stanfield, roommate and long time best friend of recently recruited Emma Penman, newly appointed Chief Engineer of the project, a position previously held by her mother. It was upon recruiting the doctor, and helping science whiz Kathrine “Kat” Pross seek a rare unknown element in the deep desert, that war broke out between Hymalious City forces and a terrorist faction known as the Blazkor Nation lead by the ruthless tyrant Suma Davi’s. Her grandfather was a war criminal for genetic experiments he conducted on innocent people. The experiments included genetic modification to force compliance amongst the people of Blazkor. There were many losses on both sides but, with the help of her own daughter Tameka “Meka” Davi’s, Hymalious City was victorious in defeating Suma Davi’s’ army. Meanwhile, Emma’s kid brother Alec Penman, a talented computer hacker, came face to face with his dangerous abusive father for the first time since he was a baby, and was recruited to illicitly secure spots aboard the Rebirth. Little did he know he was securing spots for a Blazkor attack led by Suma Davi’s and what remained of her forces. Her men easily took the ship, and set it in a slow free fall towards the planet in a plan to wipe out all Rommerian life with one blow. It was only through the combined heroic actions of Emma, David, Kat, Tameka, Alec, as well as security chief Colonel John Adams and fighter squadron leader Lieutenant Sara Mikkelsthat they were able to retake the ship and stop it from plunging into the planet below. Though the disaster was averted, and Tameka’s mother Suma was defeated for the last time, John suspects General Gilber might have had more to do with the attack than he’s letting on, and the colonel is determined to get to the bottom of it. He’s not going to let their prior mentor/protégé relationship get in the way of finding out the truth. --------------------------------------------------------- My name is Andrew Geczy and my brand is 99% Geek found at 99geek.ca I'm a writer, writing monthly chapters of novels like episodes of TV shows, releasing them in 4 weekly segments (a teaser and three acts) on Mondays on my Patreon page. Every month it's a different book, over a range of genres, and they sometimes even crossover and connect. At the end of the month the finished chapter is added to the PDFs attached at the bottom of every post. Finally, the finished books are self-published on Amazon. There's a Dark Fantasy story about a post-apocalyptic world where powerful royals rule and enslave the remaining peoples struggling to survive on the last remaining land mass. There's also a sci-fi story about a people on a dying world who have built a ship to a new one, but their project is almost brought down by a terrorist organization within their own ranks. Finally there's a crossover story where characters from my other books are brought into the distant future where the princess of a far advanced civilization, one that lives in a solar system sized mega-structure around a Dyson Sphere, needs help defeating her twisted power-hungry brother. 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