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Episode 158: [DARK] Royalty 1x02 "On the Road Again" Week 2

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No early release of Week 3 on 99geek.ca this week, between E3 distracting me, and my chance at the vaccine suddenly coming out of nowhere on Sunday... and then actually really effecting me and I felt awful all sunday and my arm still hurts a lot... So I'm gonna just have to work extra hard next weekend to write both weeks 3 and 4 to catch up :/ Sorry for the inconveniance. Also, if you are a fan of my video editions, or my podcast, now is THE time to make your voice heard because I will stop recording those at the end of the month. I'm going to start cutting back on what I do, downsizing 99% Geek a little. I don't think I'm good at hosting podcasts, but I do think there was value in the content I was providing. But from what I can tell no one else is getting that value from it... and it's been costing me a lot of money time and stress... so I think my writing will benefit from me ending the podcast... and maybe even parts of the geekly weekly if not eventually the whole thing. But we shall see, I'll downsize little bits at a time, and see where I feel comfortable. But if people show their support, I can find other ways to make it work. So speak up now... before it's too late. Let me know what parts of 99% Geek are valuable to you, so I know which parts to drop and which to focus on and improve. Previously on Royalty: There are few on Caldeenwho remember a time before the great flood, when a powerful alliance of nations ruled the world and had the ability to accomplish anything with magic. There was contentment throughout ALL the people of Caldeen. And from that contentment bred apathy. And through that apathy, inequality grew. Magic became a luxury for only those with power, and an hierarchy developed between the most powerful, the lesser powerful, and everyone else. The strongest began to call themselves Royalty. No one knows exactly which royal was the first to make contact with the demons of the lower plane. Only that they weren’t the last, and it was this tearing of the planar veil that invited with it the violent climate change that rocked Caldeen; bringing rising waters, and the collapse of all civilization as they knew it. Now only one landmass remained, a vast landscape with Caldeen’s last remaining forests and fertile land, only patches of which held up against the ravages of the end of the world. It is in those places the powerless of Caldeen hide and make their living, praying the day never comes that the higher and lower royals leave their flying nightmare city of Dunkelto cull the remaining villages. One such powerless man, Goldak Bailey, thought he had what it took to rise from his squalor, and become one of the haves. He thought he could contend with the likes of the Royals, and attempted to do business with them. However, when he chose to keep an item he had been tasked to collect by the higher royal Draxxia the Demonatrix, she sent lesser royal Marius to return her property. It was a vial of Medusa Potion, and one drop of it turned Goldak and his entire camp to stone. His family, Alison (Ali) Bailey and her father Durmon and brother Ronin, came upon the camp an unspecified amount of time later. Taking their uncle back to their hometown of Westali, to Ali’s mother and Goldak’s sister the once travelling warrior woman but since retired mom Marilyn (Lin) Bailey, the two women consulted Ali’s large library of books for a cure to Goldak’s petrification. They decided together to set off for a distant forest in search of a legendary Blue Precellion flower, not knowing that Draxxia had dispatched Marius to hunt down their family and end Goldak’s bloodline once and for all. ------------------------------------------------------- My name is Andrew Geczy and my brand is 99% Geek found at 99geek.ca I'm a writer, writing monthly chapters of novels like episodes of TV shows, releasing them in 4 weekly segments (a teaser and three acts) on Mondays on my Patreon page. Every month it's a different book, over a range of genres, and they sometimes even crossover and connect. At the end of the month the finished chapter is added to the PDFs attached at the bottom of every post. Finally, the finished books are self-published on Amazon. There's a Dark Fantasy story about a post-apocalyptic world where powerful royals rule and enslave the remaining peoples struggling to survive on the last remaining land mass. There's also a sci-fi story about a people on a dying world who have built a ship to a new one, but their project is almost brought down by a terrorist organization within their own ranks. Finally there's a crossover story where characters from my other books are brought into the distant future where the princess of a far advanced civilization, one that lives in a solar system sized mega-structure around a Dyson Sphere, needs help defeating her twisted power-hungry brother. And all these stories will be outside the paywall for all to enjoy as new episodes release weekly, and the finished chapters will be attached to the bottom of every post on the site in convenient PDF format readable on computers, tablets, ebook readers, and phones at the end of the month. But that's not all my stories. There's also Urban Fantasy tales about a teenage girl turned into a vampire against her will, or a scorned lover investigating paranormal phenomena, or a journalist covering news and politics in the Middle East. And there's a fantasy story about a fallen angel trying to stop the end of the world. All these stories are published and available on Amazon, and are also safe and sound behind the paywall in PDF format attached to an archive at the top of my Patreon page. Only viewable by subscribers, my entire library of work, thousands of pages worth, is easily accessible to every subscriber at any level. There's even a "Geekly Weekly" blog which covers all the news you may have missed over the week, as well as ranks the week's worth of television, and makes predictions on what new pop culture things might be in the public consciousness for the next week. It releases every Saturday at noonish. Finally I do Video Game streams both multiplayer matchmaking as well as single player campaign playthroughs. You can see me play games like Final Fantasy, Call of Duty, Hitman, and more. Watch them as they happen at twitch.tv/wingcommanderIV or wait till I release the recorded videos on days when I have nothing else to release. And you can see it all in one place. So stay tuned, and maybe subscribe. It's only a dollar and the support you show will go a very long way, I promise. There are also higher tiers. Give 5 dollars one month and you can name a character, or location, or suggest a thing you might want to see. Basically you get to give a noun, and then I promise to incorporate that noun into one of my stories somehow. Maybe not the same month you give the suggestion, but within three months guaranteed. No matter how crazy, you can't sabotage me. I promise. Think of it like a fun improv game. And you can keep giving nouns, for every month you pay at the 5 dollar tier. Or if you give 10 dollars, you don't get two nouns, but you can give a description to go with your noun. Describe the personality of your character, or the look of your location, or the importance of your item. For 10 dollars you get a noun and a description. You can also give a dollar towards supporting my efforts at Video Game streaming, or my weekly blog if that's more where your interests lie. And all subscribers at every tier will get early access to my writing, unedited but released a week early if you finish the current week and feel excited to find out what happens next. I'm as poor as it gets, living pay check to pay check (and sometimes starving). So I understand if you are too. I don't wanna take food out of your mouths. Your attention is enough. Say something, comment here or at the very least, follow me on Twitter @AndrewGeczy or Instagram @WingcommanderIV Remember to leave a review if you read one of my books, for any reviews on Amazon/Goodreads or subscriptions here or comments on social media will just encourage more people to check out my work and allow me to grow. I can't do it without your efforts. That's three different ways you can help. Write reviews on any site that lets you, subscribe here for as low as a dollar, or at the very least use your voice to let me and the world know you like what you read here. Live Long and Prosper, May the Force Be With you, Long Live Marceline the Vampire Queen, remember that Kong bows to no one, but Godzilla is King of all Monsters. We are the 99% geek.

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