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EP 98: How to create a calmer headspace to increase your productivity PART 2

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Welcome to part 2 of this episode.

Does feeling calm increase productivity? 

Previously I delved into talking about to effectiveness of stress, choosing your focus and cultivating a positive mindset and started the 3 main aspects of mindfulness with Awareness. (EP 97)

In this episode I delve straight into Non-judgement to continue the discussion on Mindfulness to calm your mind and increase productivity. I also talk about living in the present, share 2 proven productivity methods you can try this week and more.

This episode is for you if:

  • You dread the amount of tasks to do and therefore can’t seem to start anything.
  • Think about all the 'What if’s' that could go wrong ("What if I can't finish this?" "What if I fail?")
  • Start and forget to finish tasks
  • Go down negative spirals of feeling stupid, incapable - basically beat yourself up for not being able to keep productive or get things done
  • Need a new way to increase your productivity!

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I'm a life coach to ambitious, health-conscious women  since 2015. Helping women with a diverse range of lifestyle and professional goals.

With 100’s of hours face-to-face coaching time, facilitating workshops for corporate clients and working with lifestyle brands, I’ve delved into topics from a range of perspectives and insights with the clients I’ve worked with over the years, specialising in lifestyle, career,  productivity, health and building confidence coaching.

My mythology is grounded with the intention to help create positive change in my clients lives and do this with a combined approach of coaching frameworks, positive psychology and science based research.

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