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EP 94: Mastering Self Care without the Guilt

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Can we really have a high-flying career and time for self-care?

In this episode I'll provide you 5 self-care strategies to help you find out the answer to this question!

Topics discussed: 

  • Finding your inspiration 
  • The perception of success
  • The pressure to 'do it all' 
  • Taking proactive steps to increase your self-care
  • Goals that contradict

And more. 

Hi, I’m Heidi Jones, personal and professional coach and host of the Heidi Jones Coaching Podcast. Eight years ago, I decided to leverage my strengths and start my own coaching practice. I left my secure job in education and stepped into the world of being self-employed and created a life and lifestyle that I had previously never believed possible. Adopting a coaching mindset towards life has been the catalyst to personal and professional fulfilment and it’s why I started my coaching podcast in 2021, to be able to help others approach life with personal responsibility and an attitude of possibility. Today, I’m a respected life coach on vision & goals and personal transformation for ambitious women on an international scale. Each year women, the world’s leading brands and corporate businesses come to me for advice and research-backed tools to gain clarity, set and accomplish goals and transform their wellbeing.

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