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66: Podcasts & Podcast guesting with Sydney Stern

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Podcasts & Podcast Guesting with Sydney Stern

PR Series

In this episode I interview Sydney Stern, the Head of Client Success at Podchaser Pro, the world’s most advanced podcast database. We discuss the landscape of the podcasting industry as a whole, the best ways to get started as a podcaster, reasons why you need to start if you haven’t yet, best practices for podcast guesting, how podcasters can find sponsors and how companies can find the right shows to advertise with, as well as where podcasting is headed next.

Some top tips …

The main way that many brands can differentiate themselves from their competitors is with their stories, their personalities, and the strength of the communities they build. Podcasts are an excellent way to deepen relationships with your audience, create shareable content, and keep them coming back for more of what you offer. This goes a long way in helping your brand stand out.

Confidence is the most difficult part of getting started with podcasting and podcast guesting. Surround yourself with a supportive group to help you click publish on the first few episodes.

The podcasting industry has opportunities for everyone: podcasters, podcast guests, and advertisers. There are a lot of ways to tap into brand building and monetization.

This episode at glance …

>> (5:40-7:00) An overview of today’s podcasting landscape & trends for brand growth and monetization

>> (9:00-11:20) The benefits and importance of community building on podcasts

>> (11:25-16:35) The hardest part of getting started, best practices, and audience expectations

>> (16:40-18:30) Podcast guesting best practices

>> (18:40-28:00) How to think about podcast advertising/sponsorships from the podcaster perspective as well as the advertiser’s perspective

>> (28:00-30:20) The future of podcasting

>> (30:25-34:00) How AI is impacting podcasting

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