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Ep 104- Mastering Circadian and Quantum Biology, EZ Water, and Electromagnetism with Carrie B Wellness

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In this mind-bending episode of The Art of Move, we dive into the incredible world of quantum and circadian biology with the brilliant Carrie B (@carriebwellness ) As a college athlete, supposedly at the pinnacle of health, Carrie began suffering chronic joint issues and insomnia. After her first child was born, she developed debilitating stomach pain, adrenal fatigue, and brain fog. Armed with a BS in Biology, an MS in Nutrition, and certifications as a personal trainer, massage therapist, and breathing coach, she still couldn't find the root of her issues. That's when she found quantum biology. Now, as an online educator, clinician, and faculty member of the Quantum Biology Collective and Kalamazoo College, Carrie's mission is to teach her clients how to create a healing environment by applying quantum health strategies around light, water, electrons, and mitochondrial support. Given these tools, clients who have spent years trying to improve their health—just as Carrie did—finally experience powerful healing and lasting benefits. To find Carrie's work: Website: Online Courses: Online Community: Instagram: YouTube Channel:    / @carriebwellness   Quantum Biology Certification Course for Practitioners: Let us know what you thought of this episode, and how you plan to apply the information to your own life! Catch us on IG:

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