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Ep 101 - What the heck is STRENGTH? Defining fitness industry terms, part one (Strength, Conditioning, Stability)

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In this episode, Dr. Will and I attempt to define fundamental terms that pop up in the fitness industry - we had a laundry list of jargon that we wanted to tackle, however, some of the definitions became so philosophically complex, and the tangents so juicy, that we had to pare it down to three very commonly used terms: -STRENGTH -CONDITIONING -STABILITY These three words are common parlance amongst coaches and figureheads of the S&C world, but very seldom to people take the time to actually define what they MEAN when they say them. For the sake of clarity, in this new series, we attempt to create cohesive, clear definitions of what WE mean by them, contrasted against how the fitness industry might use them, and how the public might perceive them without any prior education. What terms would you like to hear us cover next? Let us know :) Follow on IG:

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