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What We’ll Carry Forward with Ai-jen and Alicia

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From the power of moms to the importance of trusting ourselves, Ai-jen and Alicia reflect on the insights that expanded our minds—and our worlds—this season. Thanks to our brilliant guests, we’ve thought more about how engaging and fighting for our communities can be part of everyday life. We’ve gone deep on the idea that care isn’t transactional, but a radical tool for transformation. And as we move forward in this hopeful post-election, post-vax moment, we’re remembering that our job isn’t done. We still have to show up for ourselves and each other, because changemaking isn’t limited to an election cycle. It’s a long-term project, and we’re calling on everyone to find their path to participation.

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Sunstorm provides a platform for a diversity of viewpoints on policies and current events that are important to the National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA) and its members. Guests on Sunstorm do not represent or speak on behalf of NDWA.

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