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Normalcy Is a Scam with Alice Wong

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Through The Disability Visibility Project and other channels, Alice Wong’s work has challenged beliefs about what disability is—and who disabled people are. She explains the far-reaching impact of the disability rights movement, how it has sharpened other avenues of activism, and how the broader progressive movement falls short when it comes to inclusion and accessibility. She’s even got a gentle call-in for Ai-jen and Alicia: Too often, conversations about care center workers and policymakers, leaving users of care on the sidelines. Plus: The problem with resilience, how Covid exposed our unwillingness to value disabled lives, why “back to normal” isn’t an option, and lots of excitement about Alice’s forthcoming memoir.

Some ways to find Alice and her work:

Twitter: @SFdirewolf Instagram @disability_visibility and

Head to to learn, read and find out how you can get involved!

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