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2022 Astrological Forecast Part 2 with Davis Carr

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In episode 63 of Living Tarot, Davis Carr finishes out the 2022 Astrological forecast. Davis Carr is a consulting astrologer and tarot reader based in the traditional and unceded Algonquin territory (Ottawa, Canada). Davis uses astrology to help fellow creative, burnt-out, over-achieving humans better understand who they are and how to navigate life's challenges. Her tarot readings provide the clarity and guidance her clients need to move forward, make important decisions, or simply get some reassurance that they are on the right path.


Davis shares some of the big takeaways for eclipse season 2022.

We discuss some ways to work with goals, tarot, and astrological transits.

We also share some insights on what it means that 2022 is numerologically a Lovers Card Year.

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