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Living Tarot

Sheila Masterson

Hello! Welcome to Living Tarot, a podcast for those who want to bring intuition into their daily lives. My name is Sheila Masterson and I am the creator of Practical Tarot for Everyday Intuitives. Are you sick of the same Instagram perfect "spiritual" folks telling you how to achieve alignment? Me too! There is so much vague advice out there on how to connect with intuition and spirituality. In this age of overwhelm and intense anxiety, so many of us are looking to connect to something real and raw. That's why I created Living Tarot. Each week on this podcast I will share my own experience navigating intuition and interview quests about how they heard the call of intuition, embraced the adventure, and embodied the tarot along the way. Join us and learn how you can stop second-guessing, empower yourself through intuition and live intentionally with the tarot. And I should know a thing or two. I'm a tarot reader and teacher, an energy healer, and a medium and I use all of my skills to help clients connect with their own individual meaning and purpose in their lives and take inspired action. After years of second-guessing and outsourcing wisdom to other people, I have finally put the tools together to help you navigate the fears, doubts, and anxiety that comes up with doing this critical work. For more on episodes, show notes, blogs, and ways you can work with me, visit Or Hang out with me on social media IG: starsagespirit Facebook:

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