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HYH-52  “The Airbnb Way”  with author Joseph Michelli

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What company comes to an author’s mind after writing bestsellers about Starbucks, Zappos, Mercedes and Ritz-Carlton?  Airbnb! Joseph Michelli became highly interested in the company and authored a book "The Airbnb Way".  Joseph identifies the ways in which Airbnb engages with customers and builds brand loyalty.  He includes both the view from inside the company and the view from the individual hosts who provide hospitality to millions of travelers each year.

“The Airbnb Way” is a unique publication that is overdue - few businesses have been as disruptive as Airbnb and much of their positive impact has been under-reported. Debi Hertert met Joseph virtually in 2018 as Joseph began work on his book.  She introduced him to many highly experienced Airbnb hosts, some of whom are included in “The Airbnb Way”. 

Joseph reciprocated a year later, when the book was finished, by coming to Portland as the featured speaker at the Host2Host event “HostFest 2019”. In addition to being an author, Joseph is a TEDx speaker.  A hundred hosts got to enjoy his presentation, and you can get a sense of his thoughtful voice in this podcast interview that took place the day before the event.  Host2Host is a non-profit trade association based in Portland, Oregon.  It serves the short-term rental hosting community with a goal of speaking with one voice for the community of hosts.

Several hosts who are mentioned in the book also appear in HostingYourHome podcasts.   One of these is April Brenneman  who is featured in one of the very first episodes of the HostingYourHome podcast, "Josh's House in the Trees"

You can check out the links below, including one for a trip giveaway to San Francisco that is good through December 16, 2019

Joseph’s business website:

Book contest through December 16, 2019:  This is a trip giveaway to San Francisco, no purchase necessary, at

Host2Host "The Voice of the Host" short-term rental website:




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