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C L Reed (under-represented hosts series)

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C L Reed is one of the many hosts of color and an entrepreneur who has expanded from her first room rental to now hosting her own 3 properties and co-hosting several other Airbnbs.  She shares with Debi how she initially got started via her daughter's prodding.  C L discovered that her home was exactly in the right spot for skydivers, and she has hosted skydivers from all over the world.  She found her niche and works it with professional skill!

C L expanded into Facebook, which is how Debi and C L met.  See the Links at the end of the show notes to join her Facebook groups.  She also published a book: "Short term rental success stories from the edge", also at the end of the show notes.

CL offers that as a Black host, she has not experienced overt prejudice.  Her photo is on her Airbnb profile and she believes that if a guest has any issues with her race, they would self-filter and simply not choose her listing.  When it comes to traveling, CL pointed out how vulnerable a woman traveling alone can be, and that women of any color must be diligent about their safety.  She gives several examples.  Add to that being of a minority race, the discussion expands into recognizing a basic inherent fear that Black people live with, of which White people are unaware.  We appreciate her woman's perspective which brings additional depth to the conversation.

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