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Part Two: "And then it was blackout...”

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Three young classmates head to school one misty morning - a morning that will devastate their community and change their lives forever. The Aberfan disaster shook the world - 116 children and 28 adults died on 21 October 1966 when a coal tip engulfed a junior school and surrounding homes. How could this happen? It’s a tale of unheeded warnings, broken promises, and a shattered community’s fight for justice. A 9 part podcast series from the same stable as 'Shreds'. Narrator: Hannah Daniel Producers: Maria David and Andy Fry Sound design: Cathy Robinson Executive producers: Karen Voisey and Emma Harding Development: Ceri Jackson and Selma Chalabi Archive research: Dafydd O’Connor Original title music: Dyfan Jones Production manager: Andrea Deere Special thanks to the people of Aberfan and all those who trusted us to tell their stories.

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