Aberfan: Tip Number 7 podcast

Part Three: Help is coming

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With Pantglas School buried by thousands of tonnes of coal waste, rescuers race against the clock in an urgent search for survivors. The Aberfan disaster shook the world.116 children and 28 adults died on 21 October 1966 when a coal tip engulfed a junior school and surrounding homes. How could this happen? It’s a tale of unheeded warnings, broken promises, and a shattered community’s fight for justice. Includes strong, first-hand testimony from both survivors and rescuers about the day disaster struck their small mining village. A nine-part podcast series from the same stable as 'Shreds'. Narrator: Hannah Daniel Producers: Maria David and Andy Fry Sound design: Cathy Robinson Executive producers: Karen Voisey and Emma Harding Development: Ceri Jackson and Selma Chalabi Archive research: Dafydd O’Connor Original title music: Dyfan Jones Production manager: Andrea Deere Special thanks to the people of Aberfan and all those who trusted us to tell their stories.

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