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Episode 2 - “Mr. Angelo Moreno, the High School Orchestra Director!”

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Despite his father’s warning about the challenges that come with being a music teacher, Mr. Moreno let his passion guide him, and today he is an Orchestra and Symphony Director in Davis, California, and the director of the Sacramento Youth Symphony's Academic Orchestra. His father wasn’t wrong, and Mr. Moreno has faced many uphill battles during his time as a teacher, but the difference that he knows he is making in the lives of his students, and the joy that he gets from his work, makes it all worth it! Join us for today’s episode of The K Files, where Mr. Moreno shares where his interest in music originated, what his educational journey as a musician has looked like, an overview of his day-to-day work, and the most memorable moment of his time as a teacher! If you’re passionate about music and about people, this episode will help you decide if you’ve got what it takes to turn those passions into a teaching career!   

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing today’s guest, orchestra and symphony director, Mr. Moreno.
  • Mr. Moreno shares what his college experience at UC Davis was like.
  • Mentors who have been influential on Mr. Moreno’s musical journey.
  • Mr. Moreno’s role in bringing the Masters degree in conducting to UC Davis.
  • How Mr. Moreno felt when he heard his college violin teacher play the burg violin.
  • Where Mr. Moreno’s musical journey began.
  • What drew Mr. Moreno to conducting.
  • How Mr. Moreno’s father responded when he told him he wanted to be a music teacher.
  • Challenges that Mr. Moreno has faced as a music teacher.
  • What Mr. Moreno’s job entails.
  • How Mr. Moreno chooses the music for his students to play.
  • Advice for aspiring music teachers.
  • Mr Moreno’s commitment to continuous personal development
  • The most memorable moment from Mr. Moreno’s teaching career.
  • Why teachers need long holidays! 
  • What Mr. Moreno loves most about being a teacher. 

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