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"Dr. Ban Truong, the ER Doctor!" - Part 1

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From a young age, today’s guest, Dr. Ban Truong, was pushed by his parents to become a doctor, and his hard work ethic brought their dream to fruition – earlier than anyone expected! Dr. Ban’s professional trajectory is unique, as apart from finishing school early and getting his bachelor’s degree at a young age; he also acquired his PhD before attending medical school. In our conversation, our guest walks us through his professional journey and how he became a jack-of-all-trades. Then, we discover how his hands-on experience as a researcher made medical school a little easier before diving into his childhood and getting a sense of his incredible work ethic. We also learn about the role of amino acids in the body, what Dr. Ban did after completing his residency, how moonlighting helped shape the doctor he is today, and how he fell in love with the emergency. But that’s not all! Be sure to come back for part 2 of our conversation with the sensational Dr. Ban Truong! 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing the ER specialist, Dr. Ban Truong as he explains his professional background. 
  • How Dr. Ban became a jack-of-all-trades, and details on his days as a researcher. 
  • How his early hands-on experience in research helped him conquer medical school. 
  • A brief lesson on amino acids. 
  • Exploring Dr. Ban’s childhood and his remarkable work ethic. 
  • His trajectory after residency (having already attained his PhD before medical school). 
  • How moonlighting helped with his transition from residency to actually working in a hospital.
  • The moment he decided to be a doctor, and how he honed in on the emergency room. 

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