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"Dr. Ban Truong, the ER Doctor!" - Part 2

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We’re back with Dr. Ban Truong, the all-in-one emergency trauma specialist, and we pick up our conversation with Dr. Ban explaining the chain reactions that occur in our bodies, as well as the importance of always asking “why”.  We discover why emergency medicine training is more intensive than your standard medical school practices before taking a journey through two of our guest’s most eyewatering cases. Finally, Dr. Ban gives us the definition of being “boarded”, an explanation of the work of a physician nutrition specialist, and he shares some important advice that every young and aspiring medical professional needs to hear. 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Medicinal chain reactions and the importance of asking “why”. 
  • How Dr. Ban’s emergency medicine training differed from standard medical school teachings. 
  • A journey through two of his most interesting and bizarre cases. 
  • What it means to be boarded, and what a physician nutrition specialist does. 
  • Dr. Ban’s advice for those who are looking to follow a similar career path. 

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