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"Dr. David Liang, Cardiologist at Stanford University!" - Part 1

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If you’ve read this episode’s title and you’re wondering if we have an actual doctor on the show, the answer is a resounding, yes! We are thrilled to welcome Dr. David Liang from Stanford Health Care, who is here to talk to us about what it takes to succeed as a medical professional. We begin by examining Dr. Liang’s other exploits before he began studying medicine, the role that engineering played in kickstarting his medical career, and the type of students and subject matter that he covers in his lectures. After giving us a behind-the-scenes peek into the medical school process, Dr. Liang explains the differences between a residency and an internship, the career trajectory for graduating doctors (inducing details of his own journey from high school to running a private practice), and why he would encourage everyone to pursue a career in an industry that they’re naturally skilled in. We also dive deeper into pursuing research as a vocation, how medical grants are issued in America, and so much more. But wait! We are not done yet, so be sure to tune into part 2 of our riveting conversation with the remarkable Dr. David Liang for more helpful insights into the medical profession. 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing Stanford’s Dr. David Liang, as he describes who he is and what he does.  
  • A bit more on Dr. Liang’s teaching and research exploits. 
  • How his medical venture began with a combination of medicine and engineering. 
  • His usual student demographic, and the content he covers in his lectures. 
  • Insight into the medical school process. 
  • Dr. Liang explains residency and internship, and the differences between the two. 
  • How doctors can go about looking for work once their studies are complete. 
  • Dr. Liang’s journey from high school to medical school to eventually his own private practice.
  • Why people should strive to look for work in fields that they’re naturally talented in.
  • How to pursue research as a career in medicine.
  • When research turns into experimentation and beyond.
  • How grants for medicine are issued in the USA.  

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