Episode 36: Self, Service, Leadership

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Recorded on Sunday, Dec. 12, 2021, Trek Table Episode #36 dives deep into Star Trek Discovery Season 4, Ep 4, "All is Possible".  Hosts Claudia Alick, Maya Chinchilla, Alison De La Cruz, Maia Mills-Low and Marie-Reine Velez assemble to discuss what DeLa considers "one of the best Star Trek Discovery episodes in the entire series!"   Major themes explored in this episode:

* Self:  How Book, Tilly and Adira are coming into themselves
* Service: As Tilly comes to terms with new opportunities, Burnham and Saru dabble in politics, and Culber honors his duality as Medical Officer and Ship's Counselor
* Leadership:  We unpack the complexity of the Federation & Ni'Var negotiations and talk about leadership and building effective teams in a time of pandemic isolation - I mean, during a cadet training mission for the newly reopened Star Fleet Academy!


Trek Table is a livestream ritual holding Trek Space for Black, Indigenous, Brown, Women of Color (Queer or otherwise) and our Allies.  We welcome Trek heads, newbies, generational Star Trek families, the sci-fi curious, and all the evolving identities surrounding Trekdom to explore, celebrate, and dive deep into Star Trek Discovery. 

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For an act by act breakdown of Star Trek Discovery S4 E3 , check out Kennedy Allen’s recap at Women at Warp



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