Episode 39: Gratitude, Intention and Impact

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Premiered on January 2, 2022 Trek Table Hosts Claudia Alick, Alison De La Cruz, and Maia Mills-Low welcome back  special guest Rose Portillo as they dive deep into Star Trek Discovery Season 4 Mid-Season Finale, "But To Connect".  Thematically, we'll explore Zora's sentience validation journey, the Federation DMA gathering, and the consideration of intention vs impact when determining a just response to egregious harm by an unknown species.


This special 'Holidaze' edition of Trek Table was pre-recorded and not livestreamed in front of a live digital audience, as per our usual practice, in order to offer the crew a shortened work week to enjoy more holiday weekend time with family and friends.  As such, this episode was produced with none of the regular pre-show meetings or script preparation. Hence, the hosts refer to this show as "Trek Table unprepped"


Trek Table is (usually) a livestream ritual holding Trek Space for Black, Indigenous, Brown, Women of Color (Queer or otherwise) and our Allies.  We welcome Trek heads, newbies, generational Star Trek families, the sci-fi curious, and all the evolving identities surrounding Trekdom to explore, celebrate, and dive deep into Star Trek Discovery.


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** Encanto **
Trek Table Guest Host, Rose Portillo, is the voice of Señora Guzman in Disney's new animated film, Encanto.  Rose  was also involved in the development of the character Alma Madrigal, the abuela and matriarch of the Madrigal family who survived the escape from her Columbian hometown when it was overrun by junta.  Encanto tells the story of Mirabel Madrigal -- the only member of the magical Madrigal family who does not have magical powers -- who must find out what is happening to save both her family and her home, after the magic is in danger.  Encanto is now available on Disney+.  Find out more at


** Women at Warp **
For an act by act breakdown of Star Trek Discovery S4 E7 , check out Women at Warp’s recap at


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