Episode 44: Duets, PTSD, and Emo Hydrocarbon Clusters

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Star Trek Discovery Season 4 Episode 11 "Rosetta" is the most feminine, queer, and touchy-feely episode yet... and we're here for it!   Trek Table hosts Alison De La Cruz, Claudia Alick, and Maia Mills Low are joined by guests, Jadie Jang and Latisha Jones. Together, they celebrate the various duets this episode, including  Burnham/Rillak, Adira/Reno,  Adira/Detmer,  Book/Tarka,  T'rina/ N'Doye, Saru/T-rina and others.  They also discuss the unifying story of found family throughout the series, testify that land and space hold memory and emotion, and recognize the importance of context and cultural competency in dealing with the biggest threat to the universe.



Trek Table is a talkshow holding Trek Space for Black, Indigenous, Brown, Women of Color (Queer or otherwise) and our Allies.  We welcome Trek heads, newbies, generational Star Trek families, the sci-fi curious, and all the evolving identities surrounding Trekdom to explore, celebrate, and dive deep into Star Trek Discovery.


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Trek Table is proud to amplify the debut novel of our guest, Jadie Jang.  MONKEY AROUND is an action-packed urban fantasy delivering a bold new take on the Monkey King in San Francisco - complete with murder and mayhem!  Learn more at


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** Women at Warp **
For an act-by-act breakdown of Star Trek Discovery Season 4 Episode 11, check out Kennedy Allen's work at Women at Warp:


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* Latisha Jones is a writer, producer, and host of the podcast, "Interspectional" where nerds talk about sci-fi/fantasy media through a social justice lens. Follow Latisha on Instagram  @interspectionalpod


* Jadie Jang (a.k.a. Claire Light) is a San Francisco Bay Area cultural worker, activist, and author of the fantasy novel, MONKEY AROUND, published in 2021. Learn more at  Follow on Twitter @seelight


Maia Mills-Low: @maia-splaining (Instagram)
Claudia Alick: @calling up justice  (Instagram)
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