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S1E8 - PANR-8 April 10,20XX

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Good afternoon my faithful listeners, and thank you once again for tuning in for the afternoon radio news. Your only source for the latest goings on in the little corner of the post apocalyptic wasteland we call home. We've had quite a few developments within our broadcasting range, many quite terrifying. From riots to AMM and NSD mobilization, to heavy artillery deployed by bandits, we've quite a lot to discuss today. So please, get comfortable, stay alert, and enjoy today's broadcast.

We seem to be picking up interference from somewhere in the wasteland. I apologize for this and ask that any nonsense picked up alongside our frequency be ignored. For the drop in quality, you have the studio's sincerest apologies.

Thank you for reading my archive notes. I truly appreciate it, as I put a decent amount of effort into them. This despite the fact that I know very few will ever take the time to read them. If you would, I should like to request a favor. I've left a stack of adhesive notes and a pen on the shelf here. Please use them and leave a memo note attached to the wall. What about you might ask? Sea pigs. Any factual statements regarding sea pigs would be appreciated. I must implore you keep these facts family friendly. For while the world may have ended, we still maintain some semblance of decency.

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