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S1E7 - PANR-7 April 9, 20XX

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Thank you once again for tuning into the afternoon radio news. Your only source for the latest goings on in the little corner of the post apocalyptic wasteland we call home. Today's stories are rather grim, though I don't know what else you should anticipate from a world as bleak as our's. Since the incident, grim news is all we've got. Though I suppose it was this way before the incident as well. The world's never been a terribly happy place, has it?

We've suffered damages from the storm, and while our maintenance staff works tirelessly to keep us on the air, our quality may have suffered slightly. I offer my deepest apologies for this.

Thank you for reading. If you have, I should like to make a request. If you would, please leave a memo note below. Please have your memo discuss obscure facts in regards to the kiwi bird. Anything at all will do so long as it is a factual statement in reference to kiwi birds. I should like to express that these memo notes must be family friendly. We are, after all, a family oriented news outlet.

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