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S1E10 - PANR 10-April 12, 20XX

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Notes go hereGood afternoon and thank you for viewing the archived broadcasts. In this broadcast, which aired 12 April, 20XX, we follow the consequences of AMM's actions from the previous day, one of our investigative journalists goes missing after reporting strange findings in a previously flooded settlement, discuss new information regarding the Flood Pollen, and we update our faithful listeners on the suddenly very silent conflict between three titans among bandits. I ask that you please treat the archives with respect and place them back in their proper place before leaving. As well, I implore you do not damage any disk, tape or file found here. And to whosoever is leaving cryptic numbers about, pray I do not find you. As a fun aside, if only to have some fun with those who do not read these notes attached to the archives, I should like to ask a favor of you. If you would, please leave a memo note attached to this broadcast beginning with an animal sound, followed by discussing your least favorite food, and why it is your least favorite. Give no context as to why you've done this. I should think it would confuse anyone who does not read my notes on these archives. Which I find some humor in. I only ask that you please keep your memo notes family friendly. While the world may have ended, we here at PANR still have some decency and morality about us

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