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This Place Rules (2022): All Gums, No Gumption

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Watergate. The Satanic Panic. Woodstock '99. The implementation of "Freedom Fries." Florida. For whatever reason, America just cannot keep from embarrassing herself. When hundreds of paranoid hilbillies stormed the Capitol to demand that Mike Pence hang himself and that Donald Trump should be president forever, January 6, 2021 joined the ranks amongst the most humiliating and disturbing days in this nation's short history. Leading up to this cursed event, Americans had devolved into a collective psychosis that is extremely well-documented on Facebook forums, Instagram stories, YouTube comments and HBO's new documentary, This Place Rules. Join us as we relive the traumas of 2020 and discuss the validity of conspiracy theories surrounding George Soros' army of railyard hobos, gay frogs, armored spider milk, and so much more. Tune in!

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