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Call Me Miss Cleo (2022): Call 911 Instead

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Picture this: It’s 2:30 AM on a Tuesday morning in 2001, and you’re a downtrodden, lonely young adult going through a breakup. Your future is shakier than ever, you’re realizing that you’ve never had a meaningful relationship in your life, your finances are a mess, and you can’t seem to motivate yourself to want to be better. It’s the kind of shit that keeps you up at night, mindlessly watching basic cable, succumbing to an existential abyss. Suddenly, through the haze, you hear three simple words: “CALL ME NOW!” You emerge from your stupor to find a mystical woman on your television, shuffling through decks of tarot cards, shrouded in tapestries and incense, promising you that for the low low price of $5 per minute, she has the answers to all of your problems. Her name was Miss Cleo, and she had this country in a stranglehold for like, 3 or 4 whole years. She has a story and we’re here to tell it…poorly. Join us as we offend mystics and thespians with reckless abandon once again. Tune in!

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