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LulaRich (2021): Rise & Grind, Pump & Dump

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Picture this: You're walking through the mall one day when a noticeably Mormon woman approaches you to let you know that she's got a homemade maxi skirt with a jelly-filled donut pattern all over it in the trunk of her car that she thinks would look *perfect* on you. You follow this denture-sucking lady to her car and she shows you the most fucked up maxi skirt you've ever seen in your life...and it's perfect. The next thing you know, you're peddling your breast milk to every hospital in town, hoping to accrue the capital necessary to buy into the maxi skirt business and start schilling them yourself on Facebook Live. The money starts rolling in and you're living the dream, taking pictures with Mario Lopez and getting even closer to finally retiring your husband. But then one day, you're suddenly expected to sell neon zebra-print leggings that are soaking wet and smell like farts...will you rise to the occasion and hustle and flow your way to the top? Or succumb to crippling debt, default on all of your loans, lose your family, and never work in this town again? This is life in a post-LulaRoe society, and the leggings just ain't as buttery as they used to be. Tune in!

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