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Fall Into Our Summer Roundup

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Yeeee-hawwww, y'all! Summer is finally high-tailin' it on out of here and we're happier than two hogs in a hallow. To celebrate, we're roundin' up all of the highlights of our summertime viewing: From M. Night's new summer romp Old to the light-hearted hit Mare of Eastown, a bubbly viewing of 30 Days of Night to the 2002 summer blockbuster One Hour Photo, and other summer classics such as Marriage or Mortgage, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Sex & the City, and the White Lotus, it's clear that we had one *kick-ass* summer...and that we're not depressed AT ALL. There's something for everyone so gather 'round, 'y'all and kiss help us kiss this summer goodbye from our 5150! Tune in!

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