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What does amazing aftercare look like?

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For all of you baddies who want to create amazing  aftercare for yourselves or the lover/s in your life.  If youre wondering if you even need to know about aftercare or need it in your life, the answer is always YES. In this episode I dive into what the whole point of aftercare is, how we can make it fun and how it can really benefit us with in any relationships.  This includes dating, long term relationships, non -monogamous relationships and monogamous relationships.  If you want to know the deets on how to communicate your needs, process big feelings post sex or learn how to create a beautiful aftercare ritual; you won't wanna miss this.  Aftercare is a staple of integrating our sexual experiences and I'll share with you exactly how to make your erotic experiences a little richer.  Will I share some of the things I do as aftercare? You might have to tune in and find out you curious cat. 
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