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So; your libidos aren't matching up?

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Have you ever wondered WHAT you can do about different levels of desire?  How to actually navigate those times when you're feeling low/high desire and your partner is feeling the opposite? In this episode you'll learn How to communicate effectively about this, what to do to navigate the challenging lows, what some of the things are that actually contribute to low desire. Theres also an art to understanding your desire, you'll leave this episode understanding how you can find out what turns you on sexually and non sexually and knowing how you can shift to the sex you actually want with one simple trick. xo The Pussy Fairy 

Incase you haven't heard; I created an online course for couples. If you are desiring to spice up you sex life, intimacy and have FUN! Tune in to get all the info and click the link to check out the course. 
This online couples experience will change the way you do intimacy and each other!

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