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From dislike to love - Ry and I's relationship

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Drop into this episode where I share the beginnings on how Ry and I met. When I tell you I spent the majority of the first year of our relationship crying you might not believe me. I share about how we went from disliking each other to having a hot secret office romance all the way to what I wore on our first time together and how the tools we used at the beginning of our relationship still support us to feel amazing today. If you told me I would go from primarily being in relationships with women to being married to Ry years ago, I would have bet money on myself the story would never ever come true. Never say never.  Tune into all the intimacy and a peak in to all the lessons I went through to let this beautiful love into my heart! xo The Pussy Fairy 

Incase you haven't heard; I created an online course for couples. If you are desiring to spice up you sex life, intimacy and have FUN! Tune in to get all the info and click the link to check out the course. 
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