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Woah! What's that? A NEW episode of GSR Gaiden! already? Yep that's right! Ash Beardguy aka Ashton Zala, is BACK with another panel for you! On March 1st Crunchyroll announced that Funimation's streaming library would be merged into its own and this understandably sent reverberations throughout the entirety of Anime Fandom. So on that very same day, Ash put together a panel to discuss this merger and the implications it would have for us, not just as Anime fans, but also as consumers of Anime.

Ash was joined by some real TITANS from the Black Anime Fandom and Podcasting Scene , including: Ed of the Suuuper Anime Podcast, Parker Zensai of The Anime Freshmen, Jordan of Anime Savants, Amina Koroma – Actress and Voiceover Artist, Mary Alana – Director of Acquisitions, RetroCrush and a bunch of other brilliant Melanated Otaku.

This is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing episodes that we have put out! You really don't want to miss it!


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