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Build Casters - Tekkyōjin (feat. Ayinde Hall)

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In what is the LAST episode of Build Casters (in its current guise), Ash Beardguy sits down with Ayinde Hall [@YIN_Designs aka @KokujinKreates] of Studio Mahō, to chop it up about Blade Titans, his Mecha Manga series. Ash and Ayinde discuss how Ayinde got into this Weeb Stuff and then do a deep dive and become ensconced in the world and narrative of Blade Titans. They then talk about what led to the formation of Studio Mahō and a bunch of other works that Ayinde has planned. Ayinde is one of the most interesting and insightful guests we've had on the show and this episode is undoubtedly one of our BEST. You'd be crazy to miss it!!!


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