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Build Casters - White Base? (feat. Fujimaru_Husky)

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On the second episode of our two parter, Ash Beardguy, once again chops it up with Mecha Enthusiast and Streamer extraordinaire: Fujimaru Husky. Ash and Fuji have a brief, yet eye opening discussion about Racism and Anti-Blackness within the (Western) Gundam and Mecha Anime Fandoms. Fuji recounts some of the horrible experiences he has had in Fandom over the years and Ash talks about the Gundam Fandom's pretty vile reaction to GundamNerd's GBWC USA 2018 win. Ash also mulls over why Build Casters may not get as much engagement as Gundam podcasts with hosts that aren't POC and asks Fuji about what we can do collectively as a Fandom to magnify the voices of Gundam Content Creators from Marginalised Communities. While this episode may be on the short side, it does not pull any punches! Do not miss it!


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