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Why you should care about GPT-3

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GPT-3 is a language model — a tool that is impressively generates synthetic text when given something to start with. We talk with Zack from Copy AI and Akshay from Georgian about how they currently use GPT-3 at work, what it's good at, and what we should watch out for.

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— Guests: Zack Lee and Akshay Budhkar —

Zack Lee is currently the lead AI engineer at Copy AI where he manages how GPT-3 powers their product. He's interested in deep learning tech and NLP and currently lives in Brooklyn, NY with his 3 cats.

Akshay Budhkar is an applied research scientist at Georgian and a member of the R&D team, where he focuses on engagements with portfolio companies, mainly in NLP. Akshay holds an MSc. in Computer Science at the University of Toronto, affiliated with the Vector Institute.

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