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Viewing AI Through a Holistic Lens (with Abhishek Mathur)

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Abhishek Mathur highlights how critical it is to approach the field of AI with a holistic lens - in the training data, the applications, and the team behind it. He also discusses the increasing need for AI ethicists, his transition from consulting into product, and the varying skillsets and roles needed in the AI industry that expand beyond technical development. 

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— Guest: Abhishek Mathur — 

Abhishek is a product management leader, an artificial intelligence practitioner, and an educator. He has led product management and engineering teams at Clarifai, IBM, and Kasisto, to build a variety of artificial intelligence applications within the space of computer vision, natural language processing, and recommendation systems. Abhishek enjoys having deep conversations about the future of technology, and helping aspiring product managers enter and accelerate their careers.

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