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Facial Recognition: What if it hurts more than it helps?

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What if facial recognition causes more harm than help? We dive into the bias embedded in facial recognition technology itself and the bias in the use of these tools by law enforcement and the government through stories, conversations, and lots of research.

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— Guests: Darren Byler, Jameson Spivack, and Ella Jakubowska

Darren Byler is an Anthropologist and incoming professor at Simon Fraser University who focuses on Uyghur dispossession, infrastructural power, and "terror capitalism."

Jameson Spivack is an Associate at Georgetown Law Center on Privacy and Technology focused on the use of algorithmic technologies like face recognition, predictive policing, and risk assessment in the criminal legal system

Ella Jakubowska is a Policy Advisor at European Digital Rights with a strong focus on facial recognition, biometrics, and fundamental rights

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