Do tyłu o 15 sekund
Do przodu o 15 sekund

As Mixerman and crew setup for the third time, he receives a surprise visitor who proves nothing short of hysterical.

Episode Credits:


Rod played by Mike Sutherland
Thor played by
Fingaz played by Tim Gilles aka Slipperman (Taking Back Sunday, Thursday)
Penny Pincher played by Danielle Sarafin Grace


Mixerman leitmotif by Aardvark (Aardvark)
Fingaz Leitmotif by Mixerman
Penny Pincher Leitmotif by Byron from "The Chocolate Song"


Freakout Music by Byron
Produced by Aardvark
"Hot Canary" By Ioan Harea from Classic Gypsy
Produced by Aardvark

Narrated by Mixerman
Produced by Aardvark (the best producer in the world) and Mixerman

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