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Day 45 Penny Pincher

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The band's new A&R rep makes a surprise visit, which inspires yet another Bitch Slap song.

Episode Credits:


Al Zeimer played by Bob Olhsson (Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder)
Penny Pincher played by Danielle Sarafin Grace
Rod played by Wayne Hawthorne (Broadcast music mixer, 2022 Legacy Awards
Broadcast music mixer, 2021 Governor General Performing Arts Awards)


Penny Pincher Leitmotif by Byron from "The Chocolate Song"
Willy Show leitmotif by Byron from "The Alien, the Rabbit, and the Monkey"


"The Alien, the Rabbit, and the Monkey" by Byron

Narrated by Mixerman
Produced by Aardvark (the best producer in the world) and Mixerman

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