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41. Maternal Mental Health NOW Task Force Executive Director, Kelly O'Connor Kay

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Kelly O'Connor Kay, Executive Director, oversees the programmatic, fundraising and marketing operations of Maternal Mental Health NOW. Her goal is to ensure that all of Los Angeles County’s new families have the resources they need to address maternal mental health disorders so that women and their families can grow and thrive. In Los Angeles County, 25% of birthing people reported a depressed mood during pregnancy and/or the postpartum period. Moreover, rates are highest amongst Black women and Medical patients. And, across the state of California a staggering 72% of people with perinatal depression or anxiety have never received counseling or treatment.

Kelly previously served as Maternal Mental Health NOW’s Development Director for 7 years. Before joining Maternal Mental Health NOW’s team (which coincidentally corresponded with her own transition to motherhood), Kelly worked for a number of nonprofit organizations in the human services and environmental fields in the US and the UK as a freelance fundraising consultant and staff member. Kelly is a graduate of Northwestern University, having received a BS in Communication Studies & Sociology. She also holds a MS in Elementary Education form Brooklyn College, part of the City University of New York.

Kelly discusses the important work of the Maternal Mental Health Now Task Force (previously known as the Los Angeles County Perinatal Mental Health Task Force started in 2007). The Maternal Mental Health NOW Task Force plays a key role in helping to reduce the stigma and shame around maternal mental health disorders, such as depression, anxiety and sometimes psychosis, during pregnancy and after pregnancy. Additionally, the MMHN Task Force advocates and supports many different organizations and hospitals for women in Los Angeles County.


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