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36. Babies Are Cosmic Author Elizabeth Carman, Ph.D.

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My guest on episode 36 of Shattered Conception is Elizabeth Carman, Ph.D. Elizabeth is the leading author and researcher—along with her husband Dr. Neil Carman—of 3 books on the extent of consciousness before birth and the incarnation process from spirit to human realms.

Elizabeth’s educational background includes a Bachelor Degree in psychology, a Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies, and an honorary doctorate for her pre-birth research. She recently completed her certification as a prenatal and perinatal psychology educator.

In the 1970s, Elizabeth did social service work in adoption and foster care. She later spent years teaching inner development courses and meditation.

In 1989, Elizabeth began exploring life before birth and interviewed mothers reporting communications with their unborn children via dreams, visions, an inner voice, feeling the child’s presence, telepathy, and a host of other announcing signs. Mothers also reported memories of their journey from the spiritual world to conception, life in the womb, and birth itself.

Elizabeth and Neil’s prebirth research did not stop there. Their first two books were Cosmic Cradle (2013), and the book Souls Waiting in the Wings for Birth. (1999)

In Cosmic Cradle, Spiritual Dimensions of Life before Birth (2013) they explored philosophical, religious, ethnological, and anthropological sources from nearly every culture showing the soul’s immortality. We are conscious spiritual beings coming into human life with purpose and design.

In the Carmans’ recently released book, Babies Are Cosmic, Signs of Their Secret Intelligence published in 2019, they document extraordinary findings of babies’ awareness of their birth, life in the womb, and before. With a firm foundation in prenatal and perinatal psychology and medicine about the consciousness of unborn and newborn infants, Elizabeth and Neil touch on such topics as —

Children’s memories of choosing parents.

Children who recall a mother’s miscarriage, abortion (or as I refer to abortion as a pregnancy release), and/or birth loss and return in a subsequent pregnancy.

Advanced abilities of unborn babies such as telepathic communications, clairvoyant sensing of events inside and outside the womb, and sensing the difference between being loved and unloved.

These stories will draw you into a new world of wonder about consciousness before birth and suggest the need for a new standard of medical care that includes the power of love.

Elizabeth Carman can be reached through email: [email protected]


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