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RTM SPECIAL: Smutmas 2022 is Here And Santa Claus is Headed Downtown Again!

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Hoe-Hoe-Hoe! The time has come for some festive goodies and this year, they come in the form of books! Join us as we talk about Holiday monsters, endearing romances, and well, wanting to eat the Gingerbread Man. Triggers: mentions of food coming out of erm genitals, torture, edging, spanking, trauma caused by repressed sexuality, abduction, death, breaking of trust, and family manipulation. Books mentioned: The Old Winter Chapel by Lyx Robinson Grumpy Alien Santa by Liz Paffel My December Daddy by Leta Blake Unwrapped by Santa and Krampus by Libby Doe 'Tis Better to Want: An Erotic Krampus Tale by Sonora Taylor Taken by the Beast: Creamed by Krampus by C.C. Cummings Dear Monster Claus by Maeve Black From Cocktails to Sleigh Bells by Wren K. Morris My Present This Year by Sierra Simone Cookies and Cream by Latrexa Nova Satan by Layla Fae Falling for Jack Frost by Molly Likovich Find us: E-mail—[email protected] Twitter—@theRTMpod Instagram—@romancingthemonsterspodcast TikTok—@Romancingthemonsterspod Find M: Instagram & Twitter—@foesandlovers Find S: Instagram & Twitter—@butthisbook Find Seff: Instagram & Twitter—@prosewithwoes Romancing the Monsters is a podcast that looks at the monster within: the shadow keeping the characters away from true and absolute happiness. This monster can be a prejudice, fear, insecurity, trauma and so on. We believe that romance novels are as much about one's personal journey as they are about finding love. After all, love makes us vulnerable and forces us to bare our monsters to another.

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