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Ep. 64—Lover Eternal by J. R. Ward: We're Finally Going Back to the Black Dagger Brotherhood World!

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We are finally – and we mean, FINALLY – releasing our episode on the second book of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, Lover Eternal. Join us as we reconnect with the BDB men and their women! Have our thoughts changed about this series? We shall see… Note: this episode was recorded in July 2022. Trigger warning: mentions of non-consensual memory removals, cheating, death, torture, terminal illness, cancer treatments, sexual assault, mental health surrounding past sexual assault, infertility. Find us: E-mail—[email protected] Twitter—@theRTMpod Instagram—@romancingthemonsterspodcast TikTok—@Romancingthemonsterspod Find M: Instagram & Twitter—@foesandlovers Find S: Instagram & Twitter—@butthisbook Find Seff: Instagram & Twitter—@prosewithwoes Romancing the Monsters is a podcast that looks at the monster within: the shadow keeping the characters away from true and absolute happiness. This monster can be a prejudice, fear, insecurity, trauma and so on. We believe that romance novels are as much about one's personal journey as they are about finding love. After all, love makes us vulnerable and forces us to bare our monsters to another.

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