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Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

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From the living room rug, Lindsey “Hand Banger” Schaefer and Leah “Lying Shit Mouth” Bross bring you Ocean’s Eleven!* In this episode we ask: Is this remake of a classic a classic? Or is it just a popcorn movie dressed up real nice? Where do we stand on George Clooney: fuck-boy-dickhead or sexy Hollywood pig owner? (This is, of course, a very personal choice that every woman must make for herself.) Lindsey takes us way, way, way back with plenty of 90s TV refs, including Picket Fences, ER, and Sisters. And we have lots of thoughts about the love story in this film because what the ever-loving fuck?!

This episode is dedicated to Ray Liotta and James Caan. We love them forever.

*Leah “cheated” in the fog of winter and watched this movie. She didn’t recall it until now because her memory is fuuuuuuuucked.

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